Liquid Packing

We have a vast range of packing capabilities at Safapac, including the ability to pack a variety of chemical products on both a small and bulk scale.

Our segregated, high-speed packing lines are fitted with automated fillers and cappers as standard. These facilities are highly flexible to meet a range of product needs and applications.

Packing of speciality / hazardous chemicals

Safapac is a low tier Control of Major Accident Hazards (COMAH) site and we have ATEX rated packing lines that are able to handle various chemical types, including those exhibiting:

  • Health hazards, including acute toxics
  • Physical hazards, including explosives and flammable liquids and gases
  • Environmental hazards, acute and chronic hazards to the aquatic environment
  • Reactions to water, including those that evolve toxic or flammable gases.

Induction sealing:

All our packing lines have an induction sealing capability meaning we can provide airtight seals on product packaging where required. This can ensure products are tamper evident, leak preventive, sustainable and retain freshness, which can be essential for some product types.

Nitrogen purging

Replacing a hazardous / undesirable (humid) atmosphere with an inert dry atmosphere where needed.

Clean down

A rigorous clean down procedure of packing equipment takes place between campaigns – this is then confirmed and verified by analytical tests.

We also have fully segregated herbicide / non-herbicide packing lines – see here for more information on our segregation procedures


We have an on-site dangerous goods safety advisor (DGSA), who is able to advise on compliance with packaging, labelling and shipping documents