Batch Traceability

Full on-site traceability of all our manufactured batches and materials is fundamental to the way we operate at Safapac.

The batch traceability measures in place allow us to trace all products back to their origins and mean that a full history of operations and components is available. Subsequently, we are able to instil the upmost confidence in our customers when manufacturing and packing their goods.

2D batch coding

We are able to apply two-dimensional coding labels (i.e. Datamatrix codes) to packaging labels, which provide extra information to the end consumers.

Unique codes can display essential information relating to batch numbers and allow consumers, retailers or other users to fully trace a product back to a specific batch. If any issues occur with a product, this 2D batch traceability coding means that products with the same batch code can then also easily be recalled or withdrawn from the supply chain.

PQC checks

Our on-site specialist packing quality control (PQC) department ensures that all finished products meet our high packing standards. In this process, numerous customer specific and regulatory requirements are checked to guarantee products are packed to customer specification.

ERP system

We employ a bespoke enterprise resource planning (ERP) system at Safapac which contains / stores all of the relevant information for every batch made on our site.

Our product filters show where components were used, the quantities in stock and any corresponding hazard information. This allows us to have the upmost batch traceability control for everything we make and store.

See here for further information on our ERP system capabilities.