Keeping up with the latest technologies allows us to tailor the manufacturing of products to your individual needs. We offer a vast range of technologies at Safapac, and we’re always looking to expand and optimise our procedures. We also continually invest to ensure our equipment and machinery is the very best available.

In this way, we are able to deliver products of the highest quality to our customers on time and on budget. Our fully equipped manufacturing facility in Peterborough has an enormous breadth of capabilities, which include:

Bead Milling

We pride ourselves on our bead milling technology and processing aids for the effective and consistent particle size reduction of active ingredients. With sub micron division capabilities, we have wet bead mills with capacities of 75-296lt, colloid mills, inline Silverson homogenisers and high shear rotor mixers that can process a range of formulations.

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Liquid Blending

We employ numerous mixing technologies to suit varying product specifications and needs – from high / low shear blending to hazardous and flammable handling, we can blend chemical components to individual customer requirements.

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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System

Our ERP system allows accurate and real-time batch control information to be generated, individual works orders to be made and all analytical results to be stored. The ‘customer open access’ feature means customers are informed and involved in every step of the production process.

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Filtration, Heating and Other

Extra services on offer include a range of filtration methods to handle different product specifications; mechanical, bag and absolute. Additionally, we’re able to heat products where necessary and can UV sanitise materials.

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Lab to Full Scale

To see whether products can viably be made, we can trial production on a small scale to simulate what happens on the plant. If this passes our stringent analytical tests, products can then progress to a pilot then full-scale production – this process allows the feasibility to be measured without a large outlay in capital.

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