Lab to Full Scale

The best way to establish whether a product works, both practically and commercially, is to undergo a scale up process from analytically focussed laboratory tests and chemical formulation through to trials on our plant.

Our dedicated technical expert provides formulation development support and works alongside the production at every stage to ensure smooth running of the project and the best possible outcome.

Not only does this procedure give the customer an understanding of our manufacturing and chemical formulation capability without a large capital outlay, it also gives all the theoretical product work a physical home.

Lab scale

  • Gives an introduction of Safapac to the customer and an assessment of its capability
  • BOM (Bill Of Materials)
    • Correct ratio / order of additions
    • Compatibility
    • Ease of use / heating requirements
    • Idea of pricing / rate of manufacturing
    • Cleaning procedure
    • Particle size reduction characteristics
    • Physical properties at each stage
    • Quality of finish product – specification assured
    • Laboratory validation of analytical methodology
  • Check packing type
    • Plastic
    • Induction sealing
    • Cap
    • Nitrogen purging
  • Stability studies
    • Product
    • Accelerated stability studies at temperature – 14 days at 54°c/ 40 days at 40°c/ Room temperature
    • Primary packaging
    • Label print quality
  • Other
    • Cross laboratory analysis
    • Gives confidence that product can be manufactured to customers satisfaction
    • Assesses whether continuous manufacture is possible

Full-scale production

  • Out technical expert continues to supervise the large scale production, ensuring smooth running of the process
  • Manufactures a product that meets both customer specifications and expectations
  • Multiple automated packing lines pack the finished product at high speed to requirement
  • Analytics continue to be monitored, confirming that each batch meets the customers’ specification