A bespoke chemical manufacturing service to meet your unique product specification – production capabilities include suspension concentrates, emulsifiable concentrates, solution liquid blending / mixing, oil formulations and product recovery.

Multiple automated packing lines can fill and package products into tailored formats – services available are liquid packing, repacking, labelling, 2D batch coding, ATEX handling, induction sealing, nitrogen purging and 24/7 line operation to meet a retail scale.

Sophisticated technologies and procedures allow a vast and expanding array of production capabilities; these include bead mills, high / low shear mixers, filtration and heating facilities, an intricate batch control system and our lab to full scale development scheme.

High and stringent ISO standards are in place to ensure production is both efficient and of the upmost quality. Safapac also holds a GMP veterinary medicines licence, abides to COMAH authorisation, meets ECPA segregation guidelines, has full batch traceability and can analyse products using an on-site laboratory.

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From small scale orders to industrial sized requirements we can deliver a bespoke service to meet your needs.

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