Product Recovery

A number of chemical products can deteriorate over time and when stored at challenging temperatures. In these instances, it is common for products to ‘settle-out’, ‘cake’ or ‘thicken up’. This, in turn, can lead to products becoming unusable and commercially non-viable for sale.

The implications of this scenario can be significant financial loss with customers not only facing a loss of product value but also the added cost of disposal.

An opportunity to recoup costs

To provide a solution to this expensive problem, Safapac has established a service to assist product recovery.

We have invested in specialised equipment that can re-suspend difficult products on the carton scale or, for larger quantities, we’re able to use our manufacturing facility.

Our research proves remixing is possible

Through research and experience it has become evident that even the most recalcitrant product, given time, can be remixed to a state that can either be sold or reprocessed.
The value that can potentially be recovered through this process is considerable.