Contract Packing

Our multiple, segregated and semi-automated packing lines ensure we can pack product to individual customer specifications. With an output of up to 30,000L each shift, we can pack straight from our manufacturing plants, bulk deliveries, IBCs, drums or even repack existing finished product. Click her to see our standard Package types*.

Where product is supplied, we offer a chemical repackaging or rebranding service and are able to down pack into the required sizes, from as little as 5ml to bulk in a variety of Package types.

Our  high-speed packing lines are fitted with automated fillers, cappers and labellers. These facilities are highly flexible to meet a range of product needs and applications. For more information about our labelling and coding capabilities, including full batch traceability, 2d data matrix and GTIN click here.

Hazardous and Flammable liquid handling

We have contained andATEX rated packing lines that are able to handle various chemical types, including those exhibiting:

  • Health hazards, including acute toxics
  • Physical hazards, including flammable liquids
  • Environmental hazards, acute and chronic hazards to the aquatic environment
  • Reactions to water, including those that evolve toxic or flammable gases.
Nitrogen purging

We are also able to nitrogen purge replacing a hazardous / undesirable (humid) atmosphere with an inert dry atmosphere where needed.

Induction sealing

All our packing lines have an induction sealing capability, providing airtight (foil) seals on product packaging where required. Therefore we can ensure products are tamper evident, leak preventive, sustainable and retain freshness.


We keep full records including line samples, batch code samples and product labels for each batch we produce. Therefore our customers can have confidence they are able to trace a batch of product quickly and easily. All samples are kept secure, for a minimum of 5 years or longer on request.


*Please note, we are able to assist with sourcing materials and packaging for customers, however, we do not sell raw materials or packaging.