MMC-PRO is now owned by Safapac Ltd


MMC-PRO is a dynamic broad-spectrum algaecide and disinfectant.

Formulated so the only requirement is dilution and application, just apply to the hard surface for the removal and prevention of green mould and algae.

The formulation is pH-neutral and non-corrosive, biodegradable, and does not contain bleach or acids, therefore, is not capable of damaging or staining any hard surface.

Target Organisms

Green mould and algae

When applied in accordance with the instructions, MMC-PRO kills green mould and algae in 2-4 days.

Black mould

The product kills black mould in typically 10-14 days, though black mould pigment staining, if present, is likely to persist.


The product kills most common forms of lichen gradually, over a period of several months. Thereafter natural weathering will take a few months to remove the dead growths.


MMC-PRO is not a general-purpose or instant “cleaner”. In most cases, but not all, the product residues tend to lift ingrained dirt slowly for a few months from application, to leave a cleaner and brighter surface. There are many variables involved in this, not least rainfall, therefore this “cleaning” action is itself variable.​


The product residues typically prevent algal re-growth for 8-9 months on south-facing exposed surfaces, but less where surfaces are permanently shaded or damp. MMC-PRO is suitable as a pre-paint treatment.​

Area of Application

MMC-PRO is a surface biocide for Professional use against mould, algae and lichen on internal and external hard surfaces. Also suitable as a pre-paint fungicidal wash.

Application Rates

Apply to dry surfaces only. Dilute 1:4 with water for normal use (or up to max 1:9 for light growths) and apply with low-pressure equipment. Saturate the surface and leave to dry. Rinse out applicator after use. Do not apply if rain is expected in the next 5–6 hours. Covers an area of about 3.5 sq.m (horizontal surfaces) to 7 sq.m (vertical surfaces) per litre of diluted product.


Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.

Wear suitable gloves, overalls and safety glasses shield when handling this product.


MMC-PRO is classified as a hard-surface biocide and is approved for use in the UK (HSE 7824) and Ireland (PCS 93764) for use by professional operators – that is people who regularly use herbicides/biocides/chemicals in their routine job (certification is not required).


Under HSE/EC regulations the product may not be used to treat moss. This applies to all similar products, however they are labelled or advertised.


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