Lab & Pilot Trials


Gives an early indication whether a product can feasibly be produced

Technical support is offered by Safapac to assist and evaluate formulation changes, new excipients etc.

  • Small scale bead mill ensures that an accurate simulation of the particle size reduction process can be demonstrated
  • Stirring and agitation represents the blending facilities and vessels – plant activity can be similarly modelled in the laboratory
  • A dedicated technical expert oversees the trials, offering expertise for process improvement where required
Laboratory Trials
  • Accelerated storage stability tests give an accurate representation of how product will hold up over time
  • A continual partnership with our customers is established throughout – we work with you
  • High focus on analytics at this stage – viscosity and particle size distribution studies allow us to identify whether manufacture is viable


Reproduces the lab results on a larger scale for more confidence in manufacture

  • Bead milling is up-scaled to the plant for a trial run – identifies any problems with a higher volume of product
  • Liquid blending can take place in the plant vessels, allowing the variables to be narrowed down
  • The same technical expert oversees the transition from the lab to plant, identifying causes for errors and optimising the process
Pilot Trial
  • Gives a greater volume of product for field trials and more accurate analytical results can be identified
  • The partnership with our customer continues to grow and include a wider range of knowledgeable contacts at Safapac
  • Gives a more realistic indication and representation of pricing for the customer before the full scale production


On-demand, high volume production and packing of up to 75,000 litres per day

  • Bead milling takes place on an industrial scale in a continuous batch process – an output of 24,000L/day is achievable
  • Multiple automated packing lines can pack the finished product at high speed to requirement – from 100ml to IBC pack capabilities
  • Our technical expert continues to supervise the large scale production, ensuring smooth running of the process
Full Production Vehicle
  • Analytics continue to be monitored, confirming that each batch meets the customers’ specification
  • Partnership relationship remains to full scale production and beyond – reports and updates are delivered to customers in real-time via our ERP system
  • Our in-house Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor (DGSA) ensures the efficient and correct handling / transport of hazardous goods