Farm Chemicals

We specialise in agrochemical formulation, manufacturing and packing of liquid products such as pesticides (fungicides, herbicides, insecticides etc.), adjuvants, plant growth regulators and fertilisers. With a customer base of over 35 different customers shipping all over the world, these products are widely used in agricultural and farming industries to protect crops, encourage growth, improve crop yields and for controlling unwanted pests.

We have been supporting the farm chemicals sector since our origin in 1996. Our success has been based upon trust and respecting the intellectual property of our clients. With over 25 years of experience working with the industry we understand the importance of product quality and the need for a reliable, flexible service responding to the season’s needs and distributor requirements. 

We operate in accordance with the guidelines and protocols detailed by CropLife International. We provide full traceability and retain samples & extensive records of every batch produced.

Eliminating the risk of cross contamination is a major priority of the business. For more information on our product quality commitment click here.

Our commitment is to provide a high quality flexible service with excellent responsive communication, delivering your products to the right quality on time.


Our labelling and Coding facilities can accommodate up to 3 line batch coding, 2D batch coding and bottle sequential batch coding for SC Trace requirements.