Filtration, Heating and Cooling

As complimentary processes to our standard bead milling and liquid blending procedures, we can filter and heat products to aid with product manufacture, or offer these as standalone services.


Where materials contain oversized particles or contain impurities, we are able to employ a number of filtration techniques to ensure we meet the customer’s specification.

Mechanical filtration:

  • Can filter material down to a particle size of 50µm
  • Standard for suspension concentrate products
  • Both in-process and standalone capabilities

Bag Filtration:

  • Filter bags containing holes / mesh of the desired particle size to filter out contaminants – size between 1-1000µm
  • Ideal for liquid and emulsion concentrate formulated technicals and products containing low residual solids
  • Both in-process and standalone capabilities

Absolute filtration:

  • The go-to filtration method for when a precise and very low particle size is required
  • Filters material down to a particle size of 0.45µm
  • Both in-process and standalone capabilities

Heating and Cooling

Materials that we work with can often require heating to be manageable and worked with on the plant.

  • We have both a ATEX and non ATEX heating capacity
  • Products can be heated in the volume range of 10-8,000L at a time
  • The possible heating range is from ambient to 105°c
  • Process heating / cooling – conducted via shell and tubing heat exchange