ERP System

We use a highly intricate business software ‘Enterprise Resource Planning’ (ERP) system at Safapac, which allows us to collect, organise, store and manage data efficiently. This reduces the potential for error when manufacturing and packing products.

The stock system contains all of the relevant information for every batch on site. Our product filters show where components are used, the quantities in stock and any corresponding hazard information. This allows us to have the upmost batch control and trace the whereabouts of anything on site – from being unloaded out of a lorry to leaving the premises.

Scheduling individual works orders

Once a sales order is received at Safapac, our ERP system queries the Bill Of Materials (BOM) provided by the customer – this creates an automated order list based on the requirements and checks this against our stock levels.

The system subsequently schedules individual works orders to manufacture the desired product and locates the sub components to do so.

It then feeds information to operators regarding the volume of product scheduled for manufacture, relevant production process, timing of manufacture and location on site.

Information is fed by the system to the operator regarding how much product will be made, the process this will be done by, timing of manufacture and location on the site.

Storage of data

Our ERP system describes the stock levels live – therefore the displayed data continually and accurately reads true.

Once the manufacturing process for a given product is complete, the laboratory approves then stores any analytical results for future reference – once these stringent tests have been met, the product is packed / loaded on to a lorry to the customer’s requirements.

Not only is all the history for materials on site stored – but all information on equipment, every breakdown, any maintenance, and details on all products made on our plant are logged and kept which can then be viewed at any necessary time in the future.