Product Integrity

When it comes to the potential for cross contamination of products, we follow the tightest practices, ensuring our plants are fully segregated where necessary.

This means our customer have the maximum confidence in our capabilities and product quality.

Cross contamination prevention

To aid further with cross contamination avoidance at Safapac, we adhere to the following procedures:

  • All containers are adequately identified and labelled
  • All bins clearly identified and labelled
  • A rigorous clean down procedure of equipment between campaigns – confirmed by analytical tests
  • Traceability of all materials on site through our ERP system – prohibits the issuing of incorrect stock for a works order
  • Easily comprehended written instructions for all production
  • Use of Interchangeable parts is controlled

And in our herbicide-only unit:

  • Inter-changeable parts – different fixings and pipework to ensure non-compatibility with non-herbicide plant
  • Manufacturing personnel have dedicated and colour coded footwear, overalls and PPE
  • Our engineers also have unit-specific tools for the segregated plants

And in our high potency unit:

  • Seperate building location – the high potency plant is located in a separate building to all other production facilities
  • Dedicated parts – equipment, fixtures and tools are entirely dedicated to high potency products
  • Contained changing area and material loading areas separating the areas of raw material storage, personnel areas, analytical laboratory, production and finished goods storage.
  • Dedicated high potency analytical laboratory on site.
  • Personnel have dedicated and colour coded PPE
  • Our engineers also have unit-specific tools for the high potency plant