Emulsion Concentrates

We have a separate plant on our site for the manufacture of emulsifiable concentrate products. These are readily mixable solutions (with the aid of emulsifying agents) that contain an active ingredient dissolved in one or more petroleum-based solvents.

We employ a variety of blending technologies, such as high shear mixing, to manufacture these formulations on an industrial sized scale.

Emulsifiable concentrate plant capabilities

Our emulsifiable concentrate plant can handle small to bulk quantities, and attributes the following features:

  • Semi-continuous batch process plant design
  • Output of 30,000L/day achievable subject to analytical specification and formulation
  • 24/7 shift operation
  • Stringent clean down process in the changeover between campaigns – verified by laboratory analysis to ensure this meets our strict criteria and ECPA guidlines
  • Blending vessels that are abrasion resistant, 316 stainless steel and are mounted onto load cells / weight indicators

Blending technology

To assist with the manufacture of EC products, we have a range of blending capabilities:

  • ATEX blending for hazardous / flammable materials
  • High shear (Ytron-Quadro) / low shear (paddle) blending – to suit the compatibility of EC components
  • In-line Silverson.
  • Experience in hiring specific technology (e.g. multi-stage homogenistation) for other blending needs where desired

For further details see our liquid blending page where our chemical mixing capabilities are listed in full.

Other formulations

The Safapac emulsifiable concentrates facility can also be used to manufacture a variety of other formulation types, including:

  • Emulsions – oil in water
  • Emulsions – water in oil
  • Suspo-emulsions
  • Ultra low volume suspensions
  • Ultra low volume liquids