Bead Milling

We have invested in particle size reduction bead milling technology, which enables down to the sub micron division of powders for liquid suspension.

Our high quality range of mills ensures consistent, efficient, adaptable, and both large / small volume reduction results. These mills include:

  • WAB DYNO-MILL KD280: Throughput of 600 – 5000L/hr, mill void volume of 265-296L, configurable to a wide range of applications and abrasion resistant
  • Netzsch LME100: Throughput of 100 – 1500L/hr, capacity of 100lt, high productivity and first-rate separation systems
  • Eiger Torrance 75L: Capacity of 75L; powerful, hardwearing and reliable

Our bead mills contain grinding chambers filled with silica beads, which reduce powder particles down to the desired size – typically 10µm (Dv-90) and  (i.e. 2µm Dv-50) scale is achievable.

The bead milling process can be carried out by single pass, series, parallel and recirculation milling.

Particle size reduction processing aids

To help further with the wet milling process, we also employ a number of complimentary technologies:

Colloid Mills:

  • FrymaKoruma MZ-150: ideal solution for milling, dispersing and homogenizing both low and highly viscous liquids
  • Can reduce particle size from 5mm down to 100-150µm or any size in-between
  • One pass particle size reduction process
  • Crosswise toothed rotor and slatted toothed stator allow for a stepless adjustment of the grinding gap

High Shear Rotor Mixing:

  • Invertor controlled HS rotors for powder wetting, particle size reduction and de-agglomeration
  • Laboratory Silverson’s with range of mixing heads – allow accurate and useful representations to be made at a small scale, before piloting on the plant.

Chilling (coolant capacity):

  • 419kw cooling capability with 80% heat generated
  • Performance supervision via BluEye remote monitoring

Wet bead milling capabilities

Our wet grinding facilities and processing aids allow us to manufacture a wide range of complex liquid formulation types including:

  • Suspension concentrates
  • Ultra fine suspensions
  • Suspo-emulsions
  • Oil dispersions