With our ever expanding and developing contract chemical manufacturing facilities at Safapac, we can offer an array of services to meet your product needs. These include contract chemical processing, chemical blending and contract chemical mixing. Our production plant is designed for handling flammable or hazardous substances and can be open round the clock for maximum throughput and efficiency.

Businesses that invest in our toll chemical manufacturing services can rest easy knowing their products will be manufactured to an impeccable level of quality and in full compliance with all relevant safety regulations. We can produce the following formulation types to your specification:

Suspension Concentrates

Insoluble solid active ingredients dispersed in aqueous media – we have two segregated suspension concentrate plants containing 280L Dyno mills, which work on a semi-continuous batch schedule and are able to manufacture flowable products 24/7 where necessary.

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Emulsifiable Concentrates (ECs)

Homogeneous, stable liquid preparations comprising active ingredient(s), solvents and emulsifiers – we have an emulsifiable concentrate plant facility able to blend components in abrasion resistant, 316 stainless steel vessels.

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Liquid Blending

We employ numerous mixing technologies to suit varying product specifications and needs – from high / low shear blending to flammable and hazardous handling, we can blend chemical components to individual customer requirements.

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Product Recovery

Where products may deteriorate in quality over time, we are able to offer a revival service to assist in product recovery, making unusable products fit for sale again.

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Oil Formulations

Non-aqueous suspension concentrates (dispersed in oil / methylated crop oils) for optimal biological results or to serve as an alternative where active ingredients are incompatible with water.

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