New Suspensions Plant


Safapac Limited has installed a brand new hi-tech suspension plant, an investment of over £400,000.

The project is a result of major investment by Safapac following rapid business growth and in addition, £100,000 grant from Greater Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Enterprise Partnership.

The funding is part of the Eastern Agri-Tech Growth Initiative, offering grants to help agricultural businesses to grow.

Martin Steele, chairman of Safapac Holdings, said: “The grant has been a fantastic opportunity for Safapac, representing a 25% contribution to the investment in our new plant and equipment, which is enabling further business growth. The new plant will enable us to improve the volume production of herbicides suspension products, which will be used by local farmers and others throughout Europe.”

The facility centres around a 280lt Dyno-mill with other key equipment being provided by: Ytron-Quadro (agitators), Spiroflow (powder handling), Magnum Fabrication , Precia Molen (load cells) and Mechon (LEV systems).

As a result, the completion of the new suspensions plant brings career opportunities to Cambridgeshire and the surrounding areas, with Safapac recruiting for a number of positions. Including: production line leaders, manufacturing operatives and warehouse assistants.

Caroline Rees, HR manager at Safapac, said: “Our new suspensions plant not only brings business growth for Safapac, it also brings growth to the size of our team. We have many career opportunities as a result of the expansion and we are looking forward to finding ambitious people who want to work with us, especially as we’re embarking on exciting times for both the company and employees.”