New High Speed Liquid Packing Lines

Safapac invest £300k in two new filling lines

As a leading chemical processor and manufacturer, it’s critical that Safapac remain at the forefront of technology and provide a first-class service for our customers.

In line with this, we recently took the decision to invest £300,000 in two new filling lines at our Peterborough factory. The new lines fill by mass flow rather than by volume. This significantly improves the accuracy of the fill, reducing the product losses (product given away in each bottle)  and saving our customers many £’000’s of pounds.

Production Manager at Safapac, Chris Williams explains further,

“Our aim is to always produce the best outcome for the customer – these new machines are faster and more reliable, so we can get the product to customers quicker. But they are also more accurate, which means the end user will get a more accurate measure.”

While the new investment will offer benefits to our existing customers, the new lines will also open up possibilities to other sectors.

“The new machines allow us to shift quickly from packing one product to another, but we can also work on smaller pack lines. This means Safapac is a realistic partner for other sectors, such as surface cleaners, screen wash, hospital cleaners and even the animal health sector as we have the required licenses from the Veterinary Medicines Directorate (VMD).”

Our Technical director John Blaydes explains that the process has become more environmentally friendly as the amount of potential wastage is reduced.

“We have high standards at Safapac and we take very seriously our responsibility when handling these products. The accuracy and efficiency of the new lines allow us to reduce the burden on the environment even further.”

If you would like to discuss what these new lines could mean to your product or want to learn more about how Safapac could help your business, please contact us today.