Our multiple, segregated and automated contract chemical packing lines ensure we can pack product to individual customer specifications – with an output of 75,000lt in 24 hours. We are fully equipped to pack hazardous material, and ensure all the correct regulatory paperwork is complete before dispatching products to customers.

Established over 20 years ago, Safapac is one of the leading and longest established chemical contract packers in the country. We can offer the following packing services to meet your requirements:

Liquid Packing

Our extensive range of liquid packing facilities can automatically fill and cap products ready for use. We can also carry out induction sealing and nitrogen purging where required.

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We offer a chemical repackaging service, which allows us to down-pack your products into the required format, from bulk down to an 100ml scale.

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Labelling and Coding

Cutting-edge technology allows us to label your products via ‘2D batch coding’, making all products fully traceable and / or giving additional information for the end user to view.

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Packed types

Our packing lines are adaptable to fill a variety of pack sizes, from 100ml to a bulk scale in differing bottle types, depending on your requirement.

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Retail Packing

At Safapac, our 24/7 operation lines means we are able to pack chemicals on an industrial scale. Our high-throughput packing line facilities allow us to fit demand for the retail market.

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