Oil Formulations

Chemical oil dispersion is another key type of formulation that we are excited to be manufacturing at Safapac.


Oil dispersions are non-aqueous suspension concentrates where the active ingredient is dispersed in oil or methylated crop oils. This type of formulation contains no harmful solvents so avoids problems with flammability/toxicity.

Due to the aqueous media, suspension concentrates do not have an optimal biological efficacy; Oil dispersions, however, guarantee increased biological results due to their higher oil content. This allows less active ingredient to be applied to gain the same results as conventional aqueous suspension concentrates.

The increased efficiency of oil dispersants correlates with less of a negative environmental impact, which is one of the reasons this method is so appealing. Oil dispersion formulations also offer a new solution for active ingredient’s that are incompatible with water.

Although complete and strict segregation of this formulation type is necessary due to the high potency of actives, the benefits mean this is a concept of great appeal. Read more about our segregation of high potency products here.