Safagrow leading the way with exports to China

Safagrow, part of Safapac Holdings Ltd, is capitalising on the growing relationship between the UK and the Far East, following an increase in sales and exports to China.

Peterborough-based crop nutrition specialists Safagrow has seen exports to China increase dramatically over the past few years, with its latest venture building on an already burgeoning business based in Nanjing.

Chairman Martin Steele said the opportunities in China are a result of significant investment by both Safagrow and its R&D sister company Camari:

“It’s great news for both businesses, but it’s also good for the local economy in Peterborough as it has allowed us to recruit extra chemists to support the research and development at Camari. There is also opportunity for significant expansion for Safagrow and Camari going forward as all the products are manufactured here, which will also require extra manpower.”

While many of the chemical ingredients for crop nutrition products are manufactured in China, Martin explained the start and end parts of the process are UK-based, with the Chinese demanding high-quality products based on British expertise and technology, such as those at Safagrow and Camari.

“There’s no doubt China has a huge industrial base, but there is still much specialist knowledge and technology residing at UK businesses, such as Safagrow and Camari, and other countries want to draw on that experience.”

Safagrow’s product family allows Chinese farmers to improve yields by up to 30%, but as they are applied directly to the leaf, rather than sprayed across the field, they are also able to reduce pollution and waste.

“Safagrow and many UK businesses have a lot to offer and it’s increasingly important we look to capitalise on export opportunities presented to us.”